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A Reader's Day: George Eliot at 200

George Eliot at 200: Reader Day Image

George Eliot in the World: A Conversation and Some Readings - Friday 22 November, 2019.

It’s 200 years since Marian Evans was born, daughter of an estate manager, near Nuneaton, in 1819. That midlands country girl grew up to be one of the world’s greatest writers, George Eliot, and this day is a celebration of her life and work, through reading.

As a single woman, with failed relationships behind her and no certain prospect of a professional future, in July 1857, Marian Evans wrote, ‘I feel that all the terrible pain I have gone through in past years, partly from the defects of my own nature, partly from outward things, has probably been a preparation for some special work that I may do before I die’. 

She was 37. Two years later she published Scenes of Clerical Life, under the pseudonym George Eliot and from her own life struggles, a great writer was born.  

Join The Reader on this celebratory day to share the experience of some of her work. 

Are you a struggler? If you’ve never managed to get going with Middlemarch, fellow readers can give you a boost.  

Are you a thinker? If you think Darwin and Marx had the biggest ideas of the nineteenth century, think again as you look at human beings through the eyes, and heart and pen of this powerful thinker, whose biggest thought was ‘sympathy’. 

Are you a fan? If you already love George Eliot, come back to her now and revisit a favourite work with others who are experiencing her fiery energy for the first time.

The day will run from 10am - 4.30pm. Full details, including workshops to be announced shortly.